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    Welcome to Canning with Colette!

    I'm Sister Colette, your SisterByNature. My mission is to make "canning" a household word and activity.

    I encourage us to learn and practice food preservation using the skill of home canning to ensure long-term food storage for you, your family and community.

    I help remove the fear, anxiety and apprehension you may have by providing various products and services that include welcoming you to my kitchen and coming to yours in a relatable way, virtually and live.

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  • What are people saying about Canning With Colette?


    Testimonial by Ms. Greta - Gravel plant owner and plant lover

    I canned for the first time using your 10-video course (digital preparatory canning course) and recipe on Youtube. I feel my experience was great. I kept looking at the course and your YouTube videos plus the pressure canner manual. My only challenge was keeping my children out of the kitchen. LOL!


    Testimonial by Sis. Lindsay X

    All praise is due to Allah (God) for the last two weeks! I have been blessed to build knowledge with Canning With Colette about the fundamentals of canning. In this dark hour food preservation is very important! Sister is so humble, patient and passionate. She makes you feel so comfortable and I would recommend this class to any and everyone. Thank you so much Canning With Colette!

    Testimonial by Uneaka D. of "The Unique Blogger"

    Peace Sister Colette, I am still enjoying my canned strawberry jam and salsa, which is delicious on an egg omelet.

    Testimonial by Stephanie Muhammad

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    This was such a wonderful class. Sister Colette truly embodies sisterhood. The class was via zoom and one would think that it may come across cold or disconnected but that was certainly not the case.

    It felt like I was canning with friends I've know my whole life. This class has inspired me to continue canning and share this beautiful experience with all who will listen.


    Testimonial by Faatimah Heaven Muhammad

    I wanted to take a refresher course before I started canning for my loved ones. Safety first! I took “Canning with Colette” workshop and it was AMAZING. Colette was extremely thorough, she made you feel comfortable and she was there each step of the way. The workshop was interactive and extremely FUN. I really enjoyed myself. I’ll definitely be taking her pressure canning workshop in the very near future.- Faatimah


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