Live, Online, Group Canning Workshops

Live, Online, Group Canning Workshops

Join Sister Colette, in a live virtual canning workshop from the comfort of your own home along with up to 6 of your friends and/or family members making a homemade recipe; and then home can it for long-term storage using the water bath canning method. This will all take place online and will be fun and engaging!

Recipe and instructions will be sent within 24 hours of workshop date registration.

BONUS: All participants receive a free consultation and access to 10 educational canning video links to prepare for the course. (Currently valued at $45)
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Use this link to schedule a consultation for your group canning workshop of up to six people. The date you choose is for the initial consultation, not the actual workshop. A date for the workshop will be discussed in the consultation and scheduled at that time.

A $20 credit will go towards your group rate if scheduled within 30 days of the consultation.

Your group may choose a simple water bath canning recipe of their choice between applesauce, jelly, salsa, etc.

Feel free to email if you have questions or text 585-628-8700.